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Former Miss Ludington Collects Dresses To Give Girls For Prom

Former Miss Ludington area Shelby Soberalski is making prom a little easier for girls this season.

Shelby has been collecting donated dresses all over Mason County the last several months, all to give to girls for prom.

It all started last September when the Lakeshore Resource Network in Ludington burned down.

Inside were about 50 dresses she had already collected, now burned. Now she has more than 250.

Monday, she is giving the dresses new homes–and changing lives at Emanuel Lutheran Church in Ludington.

“It was amazing to see the community come out and support this cause. I still get calls almost every day saying hey, I have more dresses to donate, they just have been coming in so I’m just fortunate that I am able to help these girls go to prom or any dance at no cost,” says Soberalski.

For those who couldn’t make the event you can contact Shelby at

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