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Cadillac City Council To Hold Public Meeting To Discuss Revised Homeless Shelter Ordinance

Another option is on the table Monday for Cadillac residents who say they don’t want homeless shelters to be built in a certain part of town.

The Cadillac City Council is meeting to allow the public to voice their concerns about a revised homeless shelter ordinance.

In January, that ordinance was sent back to the city’s planning commission because residents didn’t like the idea of homeless shelter zoning surrounding the downtown area.

They’re presenting their revised plan, which would let shelters operate in several places throughout the city.

“This use is currently not identified within our zoning code the recommendations from the planning commission identify a host of different zoning districts in which this type of use would be acceptable in the community,” Marcus Peccia, Cadillac city manager said.

Stay with us on air and online for updates on the meeting. 

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