Bear Lake Community Reacts To Old Building Fire In Downtown

A downtown building is now destroyed after a fire ripped through it.

It’s a story we first brought you Sunday when the fire started around three in the afternoon in Bear Lake Township.

Bear Lake Township firefighters responded to the building on Lake Street to find a raging fire.

9&10’s Taylor Jones talked to the community about what they hope comes out of this loss.

There is not much left of the building.

Firefighters say it was an old building being used for storage and because of its age, it was a hard fire to fight.

“It was a fully engulfed structure fire. There were flames that were well 40 feet in the air at the time. It was an old balloon farm structure, wood, and been here for a long time, early 1800s I figure,” says Chief Sean Adams, Bear Lake Township Fire Department.

This is the damage after a fire destroyed this building in Bear Lake Township and it took firefighters hours to put it out.

“They’re all difficult to put out, but being wood structure, it took us a couple hours to get to it, to get it knocked down. We were fortunate to get it knocked down and save the other businesses,” says Adams.

Businesses nearby only suffered minimal damage.

“They called me up and I figured I’d better go take a look, so I didn’t lose the place, I’m just happy I was alright,” says Hue Yorton, owner of Bear Lake Barber Shop.

Now the community hopes something good can come out of this loss.

“It’s been vacant for the last few years, but at disappointing to see that sort of thing happen in the village. The upside of that is the community will certainly be improved with whatever comes in its place and certainly we’re a resilient community and the people will look forward to seeing something better in the future there,” says Tom Mallison, Bear Lake resident.

 At this time firefighters don’t know what caused the fire and are not saying if it’s suspicious or not.