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Evart Hosts Annual Easter Egg Drop

Thousands of Easter eggs raining down in Evart Saturday afternoon as hundreds of kids gathered them up.

This was the sixth year for the Easter egg drop at the airport in Evart.

It’s grown into a beloved Easter weekend tradition for the area.

It’s quite the sight to see 16,000 Easter eggs poured out of a helicopter followed up by thousands of eager children hunting them down. The annual egg drop has become a mainstay in the Evart community.

“We get everybody from out of town. They hear about it, they come here, we get people that come here two hours before the event just to make sure they get a close parking spot so it’s grown from about 400 people to over about a couple thousand now. People come together for this. People volunteer, they come on out of the wood work, people called me for this event and wanted to help out,” said Eric Schmidt

Vice President of the Evart Chamber of Commerce

It didn’t take long for the kids who spent the afternoon patiently waiting to clear the field of all the Easter eggs.

“That’s why we do it. The chamber event is for the kids. This isn’t something we try to make a profit off from, it’s something that we do for the kids and just seeing the smiles on their faces, and we give away prizes and we have bike raffles, so it’s all just part of the holiday and all the love and enjoyment,” said Schmidt.

That love and enjoyment felt by many of the families in attendance, including the Ross family, who just moved here.

“Just seeing the kids be able to have fun, Isiah liked the helicopter, he got a kick out of that, I think it was his first time seeing that. We get to have grandpa come out here with us and it’s a great way to have fun and bring it back home and talk about why we’re celebrating Easter, said the Ross family. 

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