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Mackinac Island Spring: Businesses Busy Preparing for Summer Season

Mackinac Island is is waking up for its busy season.

Dozens of people stay on the island year-round, but spring is the time to get ready for the massive crowds that visit every year.

9 & 10’s Blayke Roznowski and Noah Jurik take us to the island to see what businesses are doing to get ready. 

"The winters around here are pretty long, pretty quiet," head of engineering at Lilac Tree Suites & Spa and Chippewa Hotel Roy Shryock said. "It’s always nice, gets everything rolling."

Slowly but surely the days are getting warmer, the ferries are getting fuller and Mackinac Island businesses are getting ready for their busiest time of the year.

"A lot of dusting," Seabiscuit Cafe staff manager John Nash said. "Dust and then get your stock in." 

Seabiscuit Cafe opens April 1 so staff can ease into the season.

"It’s a gradual pick up," Nash said. "Each week, each day you see more employees, more businesses open and it just keeps growing and growing."

For many businesses like the Lilac Tree Suites & Spa and the Chippewa Hotel, it’s about finishing up major projects. 

"Hectic, very busy, new people showing up every day," Shryock said, "you know, under some pretty heavy deadlines."

Within just a few short weeks, all of Main St. will look completely different, ready for the summer season. 

"I think we’re in pretty good shape," Shryock said. "We’re ahead of the game this year."

"In the summer time, I don’t want to be anywhere else but Mackinac Island," Nash said. "Next thing you look up and it’s October and it’s over." 

The island will be in fully open for tourists in May.

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