Great Lakes Children’s Museum, Cherryland Humane Society Hold Workshop To Teach Kids About Pet Safety

“They’re going to learn about pet safety but in a fun, informative way.”

A Northern Michigan animal shelter is partnering with a local children’s museum to create a unique learning opportunity.

The Great Lakes Children’s Museum and the Cherryland Humane Society want to teach kids about responsible pet ownership.

They’ll be bringing along some furry friends as well.

Children attending the event Saturday will get to interact with animals from Cherryland, also available for adoption.

It’ll all be happening while they take part in a workshop designed to teach them about pet safety.

“Some are afraid, some are a little more over-eager. So that’s a good thing for the humane society to come in and they can help teach them how they should approach the animals,” Mindy McCutcheon, Great Lakes Children’s Museum said.

Proceeds from the event will go towards supporting the children’s museum.