U.S. Forces Drop Military’s Largest Non-Nuclear Bomb In Afghanistan

U.S. forces have bombed an ISIS target in eastern Afghanistan with the most powerful non-nuclear bomb ever used in combat, leaving 36 militants dead.

But Friday morning, President Donald Trump is still declining to say whether he personally signed off on the weapon, also known as the ‘Mother of all Bombs.’

The president praised the military after it dropped the nearly 22,000 pound bomb Thursday, targeting a cave in the Nangarhar province of Afghanistan used by ISIS fighters.

Pentagon officials say the strike had been in the works for months.

The bomb itself was moved into Afghanistan during the Obama Administration.

While it’s not clear if President Trump signed off on the use of the bomb, we do know General John Nicholson, the U.S. Commander in Afghanistan, did play a part in that decision.

"Everybody knows exactly what happened, what I do is I authorize my military,” says President Trump. “We have the greatest military in the world and they’ve done a job as usual. We have given them total authorization and that’s what they’re doing."

The military is currently assessing the damage left behind by the massive bomb.

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