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Northwestern Michigan College Hosts Take Back The Night March

Promo Image: Northwestern Michigan College Hosts Take Back The Night March

People helping to give a voice to so many who suffer in silence.

Northwestern Michigan College hosted a Take Back The Night march and rally.

Supporters chanted and shared their stories to raise awareness about sexual assault.

"We want to talk to raise awareness, because one in four undergraduate students are sexually assaulted before they leave college," said Tarah Elhardan.

The statistics are staggering. Dozens of people marched to raise awareness about sexual assault. And the stories that come with surviving.

"Just to say anything about it takes a lot of courage and a lot of bravery to talk about that so it’s really empowering for people to hear," Tarah said.

But even in the worst situations survivors Natasha Alexenko and Jordyn Marsh found a glimmer of hope. One that would blossom

"We’ve bonded very fast," Jordyn said.

Into a friendship they now share with others.

"Coming into a world of these amazing women and men who have survived and you become this amazing family and you support each other and believe each other and don’t take each other for granted it’s been a wonderful experience in healing," Natasha said.

While leaning on each other to gracefully face the times they still struggle.

"There are days where it’s hard, but most of the time I look at myself I’m proud I’m surviving, I’m alive," Jordyn said.

Around Traverse City there are a lot of resources for survivors of sexual assault. For more information, click