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Kalkaska District Health Department #10 Closed Due To Flood

Promo Image: Kalkaska District Health Department #10 Closed Due To Flood

People in the Kalkaska area who use the District Health Department #10 Office will have to find another health department for the time being.

Wednesday morning, a plumbing issue caused a flood.

It left a mess in the building.

According to Jeannine Taylor, Public Information Officer, they anticipate the building to be closed for at least a month but hope to have another place to run operations by early next week.

Those who rely on services provided by the health department include people using the WIC program.

Women, Infants and Children is a food and nutrition service and now they have to figure out what to do while the building is being fixed.

“Well there’s a lot of people that get help through WIC and some people don’t drive like my car isn’t the greatest so to drive an hour away is kind of really going to suck,” said Samantha Mercer. “I get basically a majority of the necessities for the kids

The flood damage is only at District Health Department #10 all other health department offices are still open.