Traverse City Holds First Ever LGBTQ+ Prom

Prom is a large milestone in a high school student’s life.

For first time ever, Traverse City is planning a party inclusive to those who may feel unheard.

It’s Traverse City’s first LGBTQ+ prom.

The dance is being put on at the end of this month by Polestar LGBT+ Community Center of Traverse City.

Their goal for the dance is the same as everyday: To educate, advocate, and connect the LGBT community.

One local high school student, Eamonn McGonigle shares how the dance impacts his life, “I’ve been out for about two years now, two and a half, and I had a really supportive family. I’ve been so lucky to have that, but I’ve also had friends who have not had those similar situations.”

McGonigle says he’s looking forward to this spring’s prom more than ever as his first LGBTQ+ dance, “It’s the first one in just Northern Michigan area that it’s happened, It’s the first specifically queer prom that’s happened that’s been kinda inclusive to everyone.”

The prom is open to all, but is specifically being put on for students who may not always find it safe to do what we tell all high schoolers. just be themselves.

McGonigle explains, “So to have a prom like this gives them a spot where they can bring a date or that they can dress how they want and not feel discriminated against or feel judgment from other people. They can just be who they want and not have to worry about that.”

In just two weeks students will have the dance at Traverse City’s Indigo Hotel.

McGonigle says the entire hotel ballroom will be transformed into a rainbow themed prom-dream, “So we’re gonna have different rainbow ideas like tea lights, and vases, and different incorporations of that idea.”

Board member of Polestar LGBT+ Traverse City and dance chaperone, John Young says their hope for the dance is to provide a free expression student’s aren’t offered at some schools, “because of school policies they may not be able to dress based on their gender expression; so it’s real important to have a place for youth to come and be together.”

With time McGonigle tells us things have gotten easier for the LGBTQ+ group, but positive and light events like this make just being yourself, that much easier; “A lot of times the gay youth on TV are portrayed as bullied or don’t necessarily have a place. So I think having a positive role models and having positive environments help people come out and help them feel more accepted coming out.”

The rainbow themed dance is Saturday April 28th.

For ticket prices and more information on Polestar Traverse City, click here.