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Cadillac Hosts Governor Snyder for Annual Governor’s Breakfast

Governor Snyder making a visit to Northern Michigan on Wednesday, stopping in Cadillac for the annual Governor’s Breakfast.

The governor took time to speak with community leaders and talked about everything from jobs, to tourism, and infrastructure.

He also answered questions from local students about their education.

Governor Snyder then sat down with 9&10’s David Lyden who asked about everything from Great Lakes funding, to a new Soo Lock.

At the center of our conversation and certainly heavy on the governor’s mind, President Trump’s proposed 99 percent cut to Great Lakes funding.

“We’re very early in the process, but I think our congressional delegation is united in terms of saying we don’t want to see a 99 percent cut of that. It’s done some great work in terms of areas that were considered impaired. Those resources have made it so they’re no longer impaired,” said Snyder.

The governor also said adamant pressure needs to be kept on the federal government to build a new Soo Lock.

“The good thing I can tell you is parts of the federal government are already with us. I’m actually communicating with other governors around the Great Lakes and around the country because this would be a huge economic disaster if something happened to the 1,000 foot lock we have, we need this other lock,” noted Snyder.  

Addressing dozens of students the governor continued his push for skilled trades training. He also highlighted the work being done with Project Rising Ride in communities like Grayling.

“People want them to succeed because I view it as how do we help communities help themselves,” said Snyder.  

“I’ve been super excited that the state chose Grayling to be one of the pilot programs. It’s really helped us get organized and I’m excited to see what it does moving forwards because it’s endless possibilities,” said Erich Podjaske City Zoning and Economic Development Director. 

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