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Cadillac Hosts 40th Governor’s Breakfast

Governor Rick Snyder made an appearance in Northern Michigan Wednesday morning for the 40th Annual Governor’s Breakfast.

The governor spoke to community leaders, teachers and students about issues facing Northern Michigan, and also took questions from some of those students.

He highlighted skilled trades, manufacturing, infrastructure and tourism.

The governor spoke about the need to continue making opportunities available for students to gain experience in skilled trades while still in high school.

Snyder also touched on the Rising Tides Program, which he says has helped many small communities in Northern Michigan.

He stressed the importance of making jobs available to young people to keep them in the area after they leave high school and later, college.

On 9&10 News at 5&6 we’ll sit down with Governor Snyder and go one-on-one with him about some of the issues facing Northern Michigan, including Great Lakes funding and skilled trades.

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