Woman Found Dead In Munson Healthcare Cadillac Hospital Parking Lot

A woman was found dead in the parking lot of a hospital.

The hospital says she insisted on spending the night in her car.

She was found Sunday morning in her car at Munson Healthcare Cadillac Hospital.

Police say her husband was at the hospital, but the woman was not a patient there.

They’re now trying to figure out how she died.

Munson say nurses and security checked on the woman throughout the night, then Sunday morning, she was found dead.

“She insisted on staying in her car.”

Munson says they couldn’t convince the woman to spend Saturday night in the hospital where her husband was a patient, so they did what they felt was the next best thing.

“As soon as we found out about those plans to spend the night in the parking lot our staff went out, discussed the situation with her, offered her assistance and repeatedly offered her assistance, which she declined,” says Dianne Michalek.

They say she was checked on throughout the night. We asked to see security footage to back that up, our request was denied.

Sunday morning, the woman found dead in her car.

“It’s unusual to have someone who insists on sleeping in their car in their parking lot,” says Michalek. “There was no perceived emergency, so because there was no perceived emergency we thought it was unusual, but we couldn’t force her to come back into the hospital.”

Those living close to the hospital hope the family can get some sort of answer about what happened.

“I feel badly for the family, because they’ll wonder if she suffered at all when someone is alone like that,” says Muriel Stehouwer. “They wouldn’t know how she slipped away, and I think it would always be a question.”

Now, Cadillac police are looking into an official cause of death. At this time, they say there is nothing that points to this death being suspicious.