Traverse City Area Chamber Of Commerce Notices More Young Professionals Moving Up North

You could even call it a trend: more young professionals making the move to certain parts of Northern Michigan.

The Traverse City Area Chamber Of Commerce started noticing the spike a few years ago.

The Chamber says out of the five counties they serve, most young professionals are moving to Grand Traverse County.

"They want to be up here for the natural beauty and everything this area has to offer," Max Anderson said.

Max Anderson, the Executive Director for the Traverse City Area Chamber Of Commerce, is no stranger to living around Front Street. A couple years ago, he started noticing a different crowd putting down roots.

"These days the decision is made by the millennial generation with younger families, where they want to live is based on where they want to live not necessarily where they can find a job," Max said.

And he’s not the only one taking note. Jennifer Tucker and her husband moved here because it meant more destination weddings for their photography business.

There has been a big influx of people that are self employed or starting their own business and want to do it in Traverse City, because it is such a beautiful location and it is such a destination it really does drive business around the area," Jennifer Tucker said.

They checked out big cities, like Chicago and Milwaukee. But in the end…

"We just found Traverse City had that community feel still and it had that Midwest attitude, everyone was friendly welcoming so we landed on Traverse City and we are so happy we made that decision," she said.

"We want everyone here, but we want to make sure we have a solid foundation for the future and it’s reassuring to know that we do," Max Anderson said.

There are several ways for young professionals to get involved with the Chamber. You can find more information here.