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Jack’s Journal: Young Jewelry Maker

Promo Image: Jack’s Journal: Young Jewelry Maker

She’s a high school senior. She enjoys music, horses, sewing and she loves to shop.

But she also has an altruistic side. You see, she creates jewelry and scarfs and donates the profits.

“I looked at what was popular at my school and scarves seemed to be the thing and pop tabs. I found on Facebook something that had pop tab stuff. It seemed easy. I thought they were cool,” says Briana Harrier.

When I say she donates the profits, I mean other than keeping a bit for purchasing more materials, she donates it all. 

When she gets home each day she spends time in production.  Right now the items are only available at Mrs. O’s and Marvin’s Gardens, both in Interlochen. 

Where does she donate? Reining Liberty Ranch, where horses are used to serve veterans, their families and other disabled at-risk people.

Briana liked the idea of helping there.

“My sister actually went there and the reason I went there, they help with disabled kids and adults. I have an autistic cousin,” explains Briana.

She has donated cash and just recently purchased military flags for the ranch, one for each branch of service. 

She thought that was a nice gesture to honor the vets. 

After high school, Briana wants a business degree and to open her own clothing store. 

Many are impressed by this young lady’s unselfish efforts, but since starting she has been encouraged by the reaction of others.

“As people found out what I was doing, I wasn’t realizing so many people would be willing to donate and help. Yesterday, I was given a big bag of expensive beads. I was given a sewing machine and money to buy fabric,” says Briana.

It never ceases to amaze me how little ideas can grow into big things.