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Houghton Lake Students Use Spring Break To Build Homes In El Salvador

Promo Image: Houghton Lake Students Use Spring Break To Build Homes In El Salvador

Over Spring Break many of us take some time off to head to a beach or relax at home.

Some students from Houghton Lake took a different route.

They went all the way to El Salvador to build homes for a community that desperately needed help.

The entire trip was made possible through a summer of fundraising as well as generous support from Houghton Lake Rotary Club.

They provided $3,000 worth of building supplies for one home and helped pay the way for each student to make this unforgettable trip possible.

This week, those students lives are changed forever.

Houghton Lake Student, Joey Peterson explains, “It was a small village called Talnique and in that village there are lots of people who are in poverty. When we went there we built them homes, we built them eight homes and for eight families.

The international travelers consisted of 14 Houghton Lake high school students, each who traded in a spring break full of sand and relaxation for a construction site.

“Once we got there we usually worked for about five hours or so,” says Peterson.

“We built the homes, we stacked blocks up for the walls, and had lunch. Then when we got back we usually just hung out with our friends that we met there.”

Students also brought donations for the families from home like dress shirts and sports equipment.

Student, Chloe Koupal says the grateful hands and hearts that received them made it all more than worth it; “The children were just, they were so adorable. They had smiles plastered from ear to ear just seeing us and, and I mean we just kinda connected with them while we were there.”

Some students like high schooler, Courtney Ignat admit they were skeptical about a spring break of labor at first, “I thought I would rather be on a beach.”

However talking to them now, it’s safe to say they’re definitely happy they went.

“They are so appreciative for everything they have and really just love each other with their whole hearts and coming back here and seeing how petty some of our issues are,it’s really not worth it,” expresses Ignat.

“Just being happy with what we have and being at peace with everyone is super awesome.”

The Rotary Club is holding an auction night where they’re auctioning off items from the trip this month.

For more information about that event and how you can attend, click .