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CMU Police Has New Technology To Help With Training

CMU police now have new technology they say will help train officers to be ready for heart-pounding, real life scenarios.

It’s called a Milo Range 180 Simulator.

CMU police has big plans for it.

The system allows police to use infra-red laser guns and tools that are pointed at a three screen simulator.

“We have the option of picking different scenarios ranging from an active shooter type of a situation to perhaps an emotionally disturbed person with a weapon,” says Lt. Cameron Wassman, CMU police.

A new training system that displays video of real life scenarios to help police train for taking quick actions.

“They allow our officers to interact with the systems as they use different kinds of tools, we have on our job. We’re actually able to use our handguns, rifles, pepper spray and taser, tools that we carry every day in our jobs,” says Wassman.

The simulator also uses, use of force training which police can use for target accuracy.

“One of the big things that this program focuses on is decision making, obviously decision making is a big part in our job, and it will assist us with escalated situations depending on what kind of an incident they are involved in,” says Wassman.

The system will also allow CMU police to film their own scenarios right on campus.

“It brings a realistic feeling to the table of having a situation unfolding in real time and although its video based and it has been prerecorded, what I do is going to affect the outcome, whether that is through verbal commands or non-lethal force situations,” says Detective Jair Kollasch, CMU police.

“It gets the blood pressure up, it gets you to react to how you would more than likely react out on the field in a real situation,’ says Wassman.

CMU Police plan to let other agencies use the training system too.