Mesick Home, Garage Destroyed in Fire

A home destroyed and a family left with nothing after a brush fire got out of control Saturday afternoon.

Burning permits were not being issued for much of Northern Michigan Saturday.

This fire started just before 3 p.m. south of Mesick.

 When firefighters arrived on scene the garage had been completely destroyed.

Alice Smith, who owns the home, was away at the time of the fire.

"It was the garage that burned but when I got here absolutely everything was gone."

"My brother Danny was home at the time"

Her brother Danny lives with her.

He was burning the brush fire behind the garage.

"He taking the blame for doing it, I told him don’t take the blame Danny, it’s Mother Nature, there is nothing we can do about it now,” said Alice.

Danny tried to fight the flames at first.

 A neighbor called 911 as he notice the fire spreading and quickly went into action to save his own home, grabbing a garden hose.

"I stretched it as far as I could to the back yard and it didn’t quite make it so I tried to get what I could and had my kid run down the road to grab another hose and we hooked it up. I think we saved the house,” said the neighbor.

That quick thinking saved his house according to fire departments on scene.

The Smith’s lost a home but they were able to save one thing.

"The only thing we could get out were the two puppies, thank God we got them,” said Alice.

With their two dogs, Danny and Alice say they are going to pick up the pieces.