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Hometown Tourist: Mary’s Kitchen Port in Traverse City

Promo Image: Hometown Tourist: Mary’s Kitchen Port in Traverse City

For this week’s Hometown Tourist, David and Erin take us to in Traverse City.

It all started years ago when Mike’s grandfather drove olives and feta cheese up from Detroit and local produce from Leelanau County back downstate.

“That would have been in the 30’s and 40’s. It’s kind of ironic, so it’s kind of interesting that he was bringing feta cheese and Kalamata olives to Traverse City and here I am working with them today,” said co-owner Mike Boudjalis

“We have a lot of ethnic things that we lean toward Mediterranean. We lean that way, but I think a lot of things are very clean, and simple and just good food,” said Boudjalis.

That clean, simple style is what you’ll find in their grab and go cases with fresh fruit, pasta salads and soups, but no doubt, the most popular item is the gobbler.

“It’s the feel good. It makes me comfortable, and it’s a sandwich made with fresh bread, and it’s got a little bit of salt on it, and you’ve got the turkey, and the mayonnaise, tomato and lettuce, it’s very comforting,” noted Mike.

From their kitchen to yours, Mary’s Kitchen Port knows a thing or two about a gadget you may be looking for to add some zest to your cooking.

“It’s everything in between. We have all kinds of gadgets, we have high end cookware, we have just good cast iron, we have the coffee makers that are really high tech or you can just go simple,” said Mike.

So if you just have five minutes to grab a quick, refreshing lunch, or are looking for some cookware advice, you’ll find what you need here in the passion this family puts into their shop.

“We are really passionate about what we do. I think that they know that we use good quality ingredients, and that it’s quick, and it’s fast, and they can tell that we care,” said Mike.