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Dennos Museum Center Closes During Construction

Dennos Museum Center is closing, but only for a few months.

Up until now, the museum has been open during the construction of their new addition.

But now they’re at a point where they must close starting Monday April 10.

The closure will also give them time to work on other gallery improvements like new flooring and environmental control.

To celebrate the new beginnings, local artwork will be on sale in the gallery.

But this closure really only affects the museum.

Gene Jenneman, the museum’s executive director says, “While the museum will close Milliken Auditorium will remain open and operational and all the concert programming, both the ones that we do and the music department at the college and other groups with the community that use Milliken those will go on as scheduled.”

The Dennos Museum Center should re-open sometime mid-June to stay updated on their construction process click .