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Cherryland Electric Cooperative Helps Repair Damaged Power Lines

“We can afford to give up a crew when they really need it."

After storms knocked out power for nearly 3,000 people in the Thumb area, a crew of line workers from Traverse City drove down to help deal with the damage.

The crew comes from Cherryland Electric Cooperative, which has a mutual aid agreement with Thumb Electric and several other power co-ops.

The line workers are looking at 16 hour days this weekend.

It’s still unclear just how much damage was caused by the storm.

Their first task will be assessing the number of downed lines and poles in the area, then on to repairing them.

They say the work is worth it to make sure everybody has the power they need.

“This is one of the coolest things about linemen. They are so committed to turning the lights on that they, even knowing the risks and dangers and how brutal it’ll be, will always volunteer to go down and help,” Rachel Johnson, Member Relations Cherryland Electric Cooperative said.

The mutual aid agreement will bring crews from around the state to help out, similar to how they responded to Northern Michigan storm damage in 2015.