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Shepherd Police Department To Show Silly Video If Money Raised For Teen Drug Free Club

The Shepherd Police Department providing a silly incentive to raise money for the Teen Drug Free Club.

The department promises to post videos of Chief Luke Sawyer and Isabella County Sheriff Michael Main being tased by a taser gun if they raise $1,000 for the club.

Chief Luke Sawyer says they are videos you don’t want to miss.

The Teen Drug Free Club tries to encourage other teens to stay away from drugs.

The club needs the money for different events and to bring in speakers.

“We want to be able to have different events and stuff to show that you can do stuff with being drug free you can go to party and be drug free and still have fun, we want to have events that prove that,” says Jessica Coan, Teen Drug Free Club member.

The Shepherd Police Department will be taking donations until the end of the month.

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