Hook & Hunting: Cheboygan Co. Sturgeon For Tomorrow Looking for Volunteers

With sturgeon spawning season right around the corner, Sturgeon for Tomorrow and the DNR are looking for volunteers to watch out for poaching.

The president of Sturgeon for Tomorrow says as soon as the water hits 55 degrees sturgeon leave Black Lake and travel up Black River to spawn.

Because they are very vulnerable to poaching during this time, Sturgeon for Tomorrow has nearly 400 volunteers to stand on the stream break to deter any illegal activity. 

"It really is a lot of fun to be out in nature watching spring come to life and to see these iconic, majestic animals right at your feet and to know that we are a part of something that’s making a difference with people that are making a difference," Sturgeon for Tomorrow president Brenda Archambo said.

If you’re interested in signing up to volunteer, click here.

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