CMU To Offer New Courses Focusing On Discrimination In 2019

Central Michigan University adding new courses to their curriculum, requirements they say will prepare students for the future.

Starting in 2019, CMU will require students to take a class in a new general education category.

It focuses on discrimination when it comes to things like gender, religion, LGBTQ and even social class.

9&10’s Taylor Jones has more on why professors think these classes are necessary.

Professors say if students have a better understanding of those of a different gender, religion and even social class, the professional world will come easier to them.

“To build collaborative relationships with colleagues and customers representing diverse cultures, races, ages, genders, religions, life styles and viewpoints,” says Dr. Mary Senter, professor of sociology, CMU.

Our world is getting smaller, bringing more diverse people, cultures and lifestyles together like never before.

So Central Michigan University is responding, hoping to make students more accepting.

New classes will expand the general education curriculum, focusing on discrimination in gender, religion,  the LGBTQ community, disabilities and many more.

“The idea here is that these competencies in team work and global and intercultural fluency’s, these competencies are really important for all graduates going forward in the 21st century regardless of what their major is and what their specific career goals. I think the whole campus climate may improve where male students understand female students and female students better male student’s, better straight students understand gay students vice versa,” says Senter.

The new classes will be required in 2019, one of nine they need in general education. 

Professors believe students will learn how to build relationships with those different than ourselves.

Students too think these classes will help as they venture out into the workforce.

“I think it will help a lot because I feel like a lot of people aren’t open minded to things like that. It will help them to understand more. Working together would be much easier if you understand where they are coming from and especially with people that just don’t know much, or haven’t sought out all of the information, I think you could work better as a team,” Joe Duley, CMU student.

Professors will be working to put the courses together over the next couple of years.