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Democrats Hold Senate Floor To Oppose Supreme Court Nomination

The action started early on Capitol Hill Wednesday morning.

Democrat Jeff Merkely of Oregon has been talking on the Senate floor for hours to oppose Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch.

Merkely plans to go as long as he can.

It’s not a filibuster and won’t delay debate or votes but it’s part of Democrats’ effort to bring attention to Gorsuch’s nomination.

Neil Gorsuch does not have the votes to officially take the late Antonin Scalia’s Supreme Court seat in the Senate.

So Republicans plan to use the so-called nuclear option, changing the rules so they don’t need the usual 60 votes to get him through.

Republicans say Gorsuch has more than enough qualifications for the post.

But Democrats say he was purposely evasive during his confirmation hearing and fear he won’t stick up for everyday citizens.

The final confirmation vote is Friday.

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