Cadillac Love INC. Rebuilding Nearly One Year After Devastating Fire

Nearly a year has passed since a devastating fire burned a Wexford County charity building to the ground.

Today, it’s a much different sight.

It’s a story we brought you last June.

Instead of rubble and ashes, you’ll find a new building slowly taking shape after a fire destroyed Love INC.’s building in Cadillac last June.

The fire’s cause remains undetermined, but crews say it started in the attic.

Love INC. says the building served as a hub to provide services to the needy in Wexford and Osceola Counties.

After months of deciding on a new building design, the charity says they are racing to the finish line.

"This is huge. We are very excited,” says Tim Reinertson, Chairman, Love INC. “It’s been a long process and actually we hope to be in it one year from the time that the fire occurred. We are very excited about that."

Love INC. hopes to get the building up and running by June 30th.