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Cadillac Community Raises Awareness For Child Abuse, Neglect

Shattering the smallest lives. This month all eyes turn to raising awareness for a problem spiraling out of control. 

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. People in Cadillac showed their support with a procession down Mitchell Street. 

 Across the country the pinwheel is the symbol of a happy childhood, something each kid deserves. And now this corner in Cadillac serves as a reminder of just that during National Childhood Abuse Prevention Month.

"We had a lot more parents this year, we had more kids this year," said Karen Staub. 

With pinwheels in hand, this march down Mitchell Street gave a voice, to those who often suffer in silence. 

"You want to support programs that keep kids safe, because you can account for your own children, but not everyone else’s so you want to make sure there’s programs to be able to be protected," said Ryan Combs.

"Wexford County has been in that ranking around 72 our of 82 counties in the state. There’s 83 counties, but 82 are represented in the kids count data so we are at the bottom there or at the top of child abuse and neglect rates," Karen said. 

Prevention Coordinator Karen Staub consistently clocks in 35 hours a week. 

"It just becomes more volunteer time," she said. 

All to help others get through something she knows all too well. 

"I grew up in a very abusive situation and I just feel like now I have the opportunity to be able to make the difference in the life of a child," she said. 

Because sometimes showing you are there is as simple as putting a pinwheel in a planter. 

"If they can just know that what’s happening to them is not their fault and there are people who care and who can help," Karen said. 

There are a lot of different ways you can help children who have been abused. If you want more information click .

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