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Traverse City Commissioners Decide How To Implement Proposal Three

Discussion surrounding Traverse City’s tall building proposal continues to swirl.

City Commissioners decided how they will implement Proposal Three.

At the meeting, commissioners unanimously passed the policy they have been working on for months.

Now buildings taller than 60 feet will go before the voters.

The results are good for three years once the city commission gives their final approval.

Proposal Three passed during the 2016 election.

City Manager Marty Colburn says a big challenge was figuring out all the details.

"We are addressing in terms of the height and how to ascertain that, and timing is another big question what point do with the vote of the people on an individual project, because there is a process we have to follow through with the planning commission and city commission as well," he said.

There is also a lawsuit in the works against Proposal Three.