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Jack’s Journal: Living The American Dream

Promo Image: Jack’s Journal: Living The American Dream

The company has been around for as long as locals can remember, but about a year ago a new set of eyes took over, fresh out of the Air Force after 10 years, 10 months and 19 days worth of service.

The question was, what’s next for the civilian? For Beau, a lumber yard wasn’t where he thought he’d be.

“Wasn’t on the radar, but the lord works in some pretty crazy ways. Sometimes you smile and dedicate yourself to what’s in front of you,” says Beau Vore.

His dad was a carpenter and Beau was always around the trades, so the lumber yard didn’t scare him.

He brought his military training of teamwork to the business. He also noticed, being a distance from town, locals had no options for simple items like nuts and bolts.

“Yes, we expanded the hardware store because this is our community. We aren’t here to just sell building supplies, we want to be a staple of the community,” explains Beau.

So far, the old Air Force tech Sgt. is succeeding, like when it came to helping refurbish the village park.

“All just to give back to the public for a park. It shows Beau’s character,” says Jacob Vanboxel, Kingsley village manager. “He’s a great guy to have in the community.”

Wife Rachael is also an Air Force vet, and the kids stop by to say hi like small town America should be.  

The office has become a spot for some of the contractors to stop by and shoot the bull.

“As of right now, this is the best coffee in Kingsley,” says Beau.

And the lumber yard in the center of town is becoming a place the locals enjoy visiting.

“We have a few characters out here. That’s what life is about. You’re supposed to have fun. We like the personalities,” explains Beau. 

A growing community and a veteran who served to protect the American dream, coming home to live it.