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DNR Begins Stocking Fish In Northern Michigan Waters

The DNR is once again starting to stock fish in Northern Michigan waters, a tradition that happens every spring.

The DNR has a variety of different hatching facilities to stock different rivers across the Great Lakes.

Monday they drove down from the Thompson State Fish Hatchery in Manistique to stock the Bear River.

The DNR says steelhead provide one of Michigan’s premier sport fishing opportunities, making the 140-mile trek across the bridge, worth every minute.

“Stocking can be a delicate issue because we want to catch a lot of native wild fish, but there is also a balance that needs to be achieved by planting fish, so that people can bring a fish home every once in awhile,” Brian Kozminski True North Guide Service said.

 Kozminski said 5,100 Steelhead Yearlings were released Monday.