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10 Cents A Meal Program Pushes For Statewide Funding

Promo Image: 10 Cents A Meal Program Pushes For Statewide Funding

A pilot meal program connecting students to local farms has northern Michigan roots.

But now the program may soon grow statewide.

The 10 Cents a Meal program dates back to 2013 when it involved just seven local school districts.

The program gives matches up to 10 cents a meal to buy local produce.

Last fall, the state expanded it to 16 schools in northwest Michigan.

That expansion included a mid-year report for legislators that was turned in last week.

Now lawmakers are in the budget process and they’re reviewing the report and considering making it state wide.

Diane Conners from Groundwork Center for Resilient Communities in Traverse City says, “We really have a major opportunity to support the health of school kids with great food that we see that they love it and try it and they eat it and to build Michigan’s agricultural economic sector,”

A senate subcommittee gave its support to the expansion last week, but there are several other budget finalizations needed. For the full report click .