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Promo Image: Hometown Tourist: UBrew in Traverse City

Hometown Tourist: UBrew in Traverse City

Are you a craft beer lover and want to know how to make your own at home? Or perhaps an experienced home brewer looking to expand your recipes?

 In this week’s Hometown Tourist, David Lyden takes us to in Traverse City, a store that not only supplies the product to brew, but teaches you how to do it.

“We’re trying to really give the city and the local home brewers a very vast selection of different ingredients to just explore home brewing at its finest really,” said co-owner Chuck Green.

Friends Chuck Green and Aaron Spangler started UBrew in Traverse City. It brings you all you need to start your batch; the grain, yeast and hops from around the world, to right here in Northern Michigan.

“We’re having some yeast shipped in from craft cultures up in Houghton. We of course have Great Lakes Malting Company and grains, we’re going to have a lot of local hops in the cooler,” said Green.

The crew here offers up classes for the inexperienced beer lover, to the craftsman that wants to take their beer to the next level or try something new.

“You’ll be able to come in and make all local stuff with all local ingredients. We’re going to get into specialty things like brew in a bag which is just a different way to use your equipment, we would like to offer sour beer classes and different styles of beer classes,” said Green.

What you’ll find here is not only a store, but a classroom for craft beer and a meeting place for all things home brew.

“It’s a place that home brewers can come, talk home brewing, hang out with other home brewers, try home brewed beer and just generally get along get together and have fun. You can get advice from other brewers, the Northern Michigan home brewers guild are always hanging out here and they’re just a wealth of advice,” said Green.

And in the end, you leave with the gear and knowledge you need to serve up the next round at home.

“It’s the creativity if you ask me, I mean you can take these and turn it into a beer that tastes totally different. You take a pride in serving it at your house, you know friends come over, hey can I have a beer, I made this and it tastes great it’s really kind of a lot of fun,” said Green.