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Northern Michigan Raises Thousands For St. Baldrick’s Childhood Cancer Research

Promo Image: Northern Michigan Raises Thousands For St. Baldrick’s Childhood Cancer Research

This month we’ve been doing something a little bit different on Michigan This Morning.

I sat down with some of our 9&10 News favorite faces to ask them all about it.

Michigan This Morning Anchor, Adam Bartelmay fills us in, “We’re raising thousands of dollars for childhood cancer research it’s kind of a thing that’s taken over it’s own life.”

As of Friday, our community has raised over $28,000 for St. Baldrick’s Childhood Cancer Research.

Michigan This Morning Meteorologist, Michael Stevens says it all started with one e-mail; “It said "I will donate $100, to see you shave your head" and I said sure ya know, if I got a yes I would definitely do it. Everything kinda snowballed from there.”

It quickly became apparent we might have to start thinking bigger.

“So we set it at $7,500. We shot commercials and promotional stuff for it, we did all the social media stuff for it, and all of a sudden everything started to take off. Within two days we hit that goal of $7,500!”

The e-mails, tweets, and Facebook messages continued to flood our inboxes leaving one question, what’s next?

“We got together and I decided that I would volunteer to also get my head shaved, but we set the bar, we raised it by another $9,000-$10,000 to $16,510 dollars. We raised that within 24 hours from generous donations all across Northern Michigan,” shares Bartelmay.

Donations all pouring in under categories like, "in honor of" or "in memory of".

Finally with just one week left in the cancer campaign, Northern Michigan called for one more to join the smooth-head duo, local legend John McGowan.

“Northern Michigan’s got a heart as great as all outdoors and we got a lot of that up here,” says McGowan.

“They see suffering like that, especially with little kids, they’re gonna respond, they always have, they always will.”

As the nationally ranked fundraiser comes to a close, know that the difference you’ve made will save lives.

Stevens says, “To be honest with you, I give 99.9% credit to everybody who watches 9&10 whose taking part in this. We’re just shaving our heads, they’re giving for the cause, and we’re kind of standing on that platform and saying hey let’s do this, and everyone’s like yeah let’s do it, and they’re rising up and making it possible.”

At the end of this whole crazy adventure, Northern Michigan has raised $29,065 for childhood cancer!