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Kalkaska County Company Listed as One of Michigan 50 Companies to Watch

A Kalkaska County business is receiving some state-wide recognition.

Kalkaska Screw Products has been honored as one of the 2017 “Michigan 50 Companies to Watch.”

The Northern Michigan company started in 1996 with 19 workers.

In the last seven years they’ve grown to 110 employees.

The company manufactures more than three million components a month for the automotive, aerospace and recreational industry.

They say this award is a true testament of their employee’s hard work.

“Everybody here has a shared vision so everybody’s on the same page if you will because we’re all working for the same thing,” says Kevin Schlueter, president/CEO Kalkaska Screw Products. “To have this company be successful, and have it grow, and have the share values be worth something so when we retire we’ll have a nice retirement.”

Kalkaska Screw Products will be honored at the Thirteenth Annual Michigan Celebrated Small Businesses gala in May.

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