Gladwin County Sheriff: Man Attacked Pregnant Woman

Violence that’s hard to comprehend.

Gladwin County deputies say a man attacked a pregnant woman.

Jacob Stenger-Simpkins was arrested for the attack.

Police say the situation started Saturday morning around 3:30 at a home in Bentley Township.

Deputies were called to the home after a pregnant woman was assaulted and it involved a gun.

9&10’s Taylor Jones has more details on the attack.

“The caller advised she was assaulted, they discovered there was a firearm that was used in the assault and this individual actually shot a hand gun right next to the victims head,” says Sgt. Steve Townsend, Gladwin County Sheriff’s Department.

But Gladwin County deputies say that isn’t all that happened to a pregnant woman.

“He attempted to strangulate her, he put his hand around her neck several times, also he used the hand gun which is a 45 caliber hand gun and stuck her in the face causing injuries,” says Townsend.

Deputies tell us Stenger-Simpkins also kneed the woman he knows in the stomach several times.

Stenger-Simpkins took off before police arrived but was found and arrested.

“Not very typical, Gladwin’s a rural community, we have a lot of farm land and a lot of decent people, we were kind of surprised and shocked by the incident of this nature,” says Townsend.

Oasis Resource Center in Cadillac says in abusive relationships, when a woman becomes pregnant, it can sometimes lead to assault.

“In this case she was pregnant, the lethality of a child bringing a child into it makes a relationship actually more dangerous because often times perpetrators now that the mom is having to pay attention to a baby and her body so some of the attention is off that perpetrator which really aggravates them,” says Amber Herlein, executive director of Oasis.

The condition of the woman and unborn baby are unknown and police say she refused medical attention.

Oasis says if you find yourself in a situation like this, get help.

“Immediately reporting that to the officers and getting to your local agency such as Oasis here in our community and many communities have a domestic violence sexual assault support place,” says Herlein.

Stenger-Simpkins is charged with several crimes including assault by strangulation and assault with a dangerous weapon.