Downtown Traverse City Businesses See Spring Break Lull

It’s spring break time again.

It has families traveling for some seasonal fun.

But that spring fever doesn’t always help downtown Traverse City businesses.           

“You obviously lose northern Michiganders to vacation.”

Spring break, a time when flights are booked but downtown Traverse City’s sidewalks are nearly bare.

Owner of Robert Frost Fine Footwear, Joe Frost says, “I don’t know that any one of us is without the struggles that we will all face this week, you lose that amount of local clients.”

Co-owner of Lola’s Juliette Goodwin says, “If we’re getting a lot of snow we’ll see a lot of down staters who may come up spring break’s don’t always coincide sometimes they’ll take long weekends and things it just happens to be a coincidence if it falls on our spring break, but this year it’s been pretty slow.”

Traverse City may be a tourist destination, but spring breakers just don’t cut it.

Frost says, “Midwestern people, I had a customer from Indiana, do take trips to Traverse City as a result of spring break, but outside of the traffic for the theater up the street it has been very quiet.”

Foot traffic drops so low some businesses like Lola’s close for a little R and R of their own.

Goodwin says, “It’s always a risk to close your business, but this time of year it is slow enough. Fortunately we have a loyal client base that was happy to get in before or after and now with social media it’s very easy for us to reach the clients to let them know, hey we need a little break.”

But despite the drop, businesses are hopeful for the future.

The busy prom and summer season that lay ahead.