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Midland Organization Holds Community Forum Raising Awareness To Heroin

A local organization, raising awareness about the impact of heroin on communities close to home.

Around 90 people die from heroin and opiate drugs in the U.S. on a daily basis.

For A Brighter Tomorrow hosted a community forum at the Bullock Creek High School Auditorium for those interested in learning more.

It was the third time they’ve held an event in Midland.

People packed in to listen to speakers with first hand knowledge including police and medical professionals.

They discussed the expanding heroin and opiate issues plaguing local communities.

"Heroin takes on anybody. If you’ve got money to buy the drug, they’re going to buy it. It’s an unfortunate drug, and once it gets you hooked it holds you and in our community right now, there’s a lot of people using heroin," said Terry Hanlui.

For A Brighter Tomorrow plans on holding future events to raise awareness in Beaverton and Gladwin.

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