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Roscommon Teen Collects Quilts To Warm Homeless Veterans

Promo Image: Roscommon Teen Collects Quilts To Warm Homeless Veterans

When many veterans come home from war they return with limited options.

Today, in Michigan alone, more than 1,000 veterans are homeless.

Now a Roscommon teen is using his school project to make a difference.

When Paul Murawski got to thinking about his senior project at Roscommon high school, he knew he wanted to make a difference for those he looks up to most.

That’s why he’s taking action for veterans and asking you to do the same.

Roscommon senior, Paul Murawski, has always looked up to his grandfathers, both who bravely served their country.

Murawski tells us, “Ever since I was little, I’ve always wanted to go in the army.”

However before he becomes a soldier himself, he has an idea to give back to those who’ve already served.

“I came up with the idea, leave for the army July 18th, and I figure I wanna do something for veterans, give something back, so I figured blanket drive for homeless veterans.”

The heartwarming idea is one that can make a world of a difference for some wounded warriors.

Director of Roscommon Veteran Affairs, Kevin Scherman says, “There’s a lot of veterans that are having a rough time coming home especially since the advent of the IUDs and traumatic brain injuries. It’s a struggle for them to even find housing that they can adapt to so there’s a great need to help veterans coming back from the war.”

Murawski says he’s happy to keep collecting quilts indefinitely, but does have a short term goal to reach by mid-April.

“My goal is to reach at least 100 blankets. They serve our country they you know protect us and I just feel like its right to give back to them for what they’ve done for us.”

For those who own as much as they can carry, your donated quilt weighs more than you know.

“If they have no place to call home, they carry stuff with them, that quilt may be that one item he keeps warm with wherever he’s at,” says Scherman.

There is a veterans benefit fair next Friday that will be accepting donated quilts and offering aid to veterans.

For more information on that event click .

If you’d like to send a quilt to Paul Murawski contact or send it to, 8697 Artesian Beach, St. Helen MI.