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Jack’s Journal: Man in the City

Promo Image: Jack’s Journal: Man in the City

If you are always looking at your phone you might never notice him.

But more and more are asking, what’s with that little man on that roof?

“It is a metal reddish-orange bright silhouette, about 43 inches tall. The idea is he’s installed on buildings that are historically or culturally architecturally significant,” says Megan Kelto, Crooked Tree Arts Council.

The Man in the City is an art project of John Sauve. It got its start in Detroit and Windsor, where there are currently about 40 of them overlooking the city.

The idea is to get you being curious.

“It’s a cool project because, in a sense, he’s open to interpretation. When folks notice him and the buildings he’s on can pull those threads together,” says Kelto.

It was 2013 when the Man in the City, with his cool jaunty stance, arrived in Northern Michigan.

The Crooked Tree Arts Council has helped the artist place him on about 25 buildings around here with more to come.

With that wide-brimmed hat, hand in the pocket and confident stance he overlooks some pretty nice places, and there are no signs or plaques to explain his presence.

“And that’s purposeful, we want there to be an air of mystery,” explains Kelto.

Standing about 3.5 feet tall, the Man in the City is quietly making his mark.

So as he visits more and more communities up north, any advice?

“Keep an eye out!” says Kelto.

The Man in the City’s hope is to encourage us to look around, find our place and now when you see him, you’ll know him!