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Manistee County Woman Found Dead, Loved Ones Still Search For Answers

A Manistee County where woman missing since Wednesday found dead in Manistee Lake.

The sheriff’s department isn’t saying much about what may have happened other than they found the body this afternoon.

The family told us this afternoon the body is that of Marcia Mackey.

We broke this story on 9&10 News at 6 and since then 9&10’s Megan Woods spoke to friends about the devastating loss and tells us what’s next in the investigation.

“It makes it so real when you have to put one of your love ones on paper and say they’re missing.”

For those that knew and loved Marcia Mackey she was more than a face on a flyer.

She was the reason they drove hours to help family find her when she disappeared Wednesday.

Nichole Kemp, a family friend says, “First of all Marcia is an awesome mom, she loved Evan and she loved Sidney with all of her heart. She was a kind, giving person. She would give you the last of what she had. If she knew a high school friend or anybody even a friend from 20 years ago it didn’t matter.”

High school friend Jennifer Colby says, “She was just very, she was very helpful she did a lot for my kids and she always offered to do things and although I’m a person who doesn’t like a lot of help I just say thank you.”

The news that deputies found her body in Manistee Lake Saturday afternoon left them in disbelief.

Colby says, “I’m going to miss her laughter, I’m going to miss her funny messages she’d send me, her randomness sometimes I’d be like wait a minute what, she’d explain it.”

Kemp says, “It was just odd that she even went missing like that in the first place so everybody’s just shocked.”

A harsh reality leaving those who know and love her desperate for answers.

“We did what we were set out to do, we found her but there’s still so many unanswered questions we have a lot of questions as to how and why she was even over there.”

An autopsy has been scheduled as deputies continue their investigation.