Mount Pleasant Woman, Manistee Woman Discover Disturbing Items On Car Windshields

"To experience something like this where I spend most of my time, it’s very frightening."

Terrifying encounters in two different parking lots with eerily similar details.

Deputies say women found bags on their car windshields, and that was just the beginning.

In the bags, the women found a note and unsettling items.

One woman says the person who put it there watched her the whole time.

Bags were found on windshields in two different places, months apart.

Sierra Newland says she had no idea the person who put it there was watching her every move.

"I come out and see that there was a note, or actually it was a bag, on my car, right tucked under the windshield wipers," explains Sierra.

Sierra says she was stopping at the store between classes to go shopping.

She saw the bag and had a gut feeling.

"I had seen posts about some people tying shirts to people’s windshields, that they’ll go to take them off, so that’s when I saw the thing, I’m going straight to my car and locking my car," says Sierra.

She grabbed the bag and found a pornographic DVD and a message.

"That’s when I started, like, crying, like, bad," explains Sierra. “Then, I drove away, and that’s when I called 911."

A deputy joined Sierra and they viewed Target’s surveillance camera. Something caught Sierra’s eye.

"That’s when I found out the man was actually parked right next to me and, like, watching me from the backseat of his car," says Sierra.

It’s not the first time.

In February, two Manistee sisters found a similar note while parked at Meijer.

"We really just thought it was like a joke, like one of our friends because it says, ‘Hi, just a couple of your silly friends’ so we really didn’t know who it was," one of the sisters told us. "Today, when I saw the post about the girl from Mount Pleasant, that just freaked me out."

Sierra says the man drove off when she left, but the feeling of fear remains.

"It might be something small now with him leaving something on people’s cars, but who knows where something might end up? It could end up with somebody hurt," says Sierra.

The Isabella county Sheriff’s Office is waiting for Target to get the full surveillance video to them.

For now, deputies say to call them if you see anything suspicious.