Traverse City Is Finalist In Strongest Town Competition

You’re probably pretty busy with one type of a bracket lately, but there’s another tournament coming down to the wire.

Northern Michigan is a finalist.

It’s called the strongest town competition.

It started with sixteen towns in three countries and now Traverse City has outlasted the competition into the final round.

Traverse City is now going head to head with Guelph, Ontario in Canada.

Strong towns is a media organization that highlights model communities.

Something the city says it owes to the people who live there.

“A lot of community members here that are giving their talents here, their strengths to help us make a better community. So it’s not just government here in Traverse City, it’s all our citizens that are helping out,” Russ Soyring, planning director said.

You have until 11:59 Thursday to vote online to make Traverse City number one.

To vote, click here.