Troopers Arrest Virginia Man, Woman After Finding Marijuana In Car

Two people from Virginia in are trouble in Northern Michigan.

State police found more than half a pound of marijuana in their car.

Troopers pulled the pair over Sunday on I-75 in Roscommon County’s Richfield Township.

There was a man and woman in the car.

The man was originally behind the wheel, but the pair tried to switch seats.

That’s because he was driving on a suspended license.

When troopers searched the car, they found more than half a pound of marijuana and marijuana wax.

They arrested him on misdemeanor drug charges.

The woman admitted to selling the drugs to co-workers in Petoskey, and troopers say she’s been doing it awhile.

"While they were moving positions in the vehicle, the trooper noticed a smell of marijuana. He talked to both of them separately, both of them claimed some portion of the marijuana. She indicated that she has been doing things for quite some time, it sounded like she has done this on several occasions," says Sgt. David Johnson.

The Virginia woman was arrested on felony drug charges.

Both have yet to be formally arraigned.