MTM On The Road: Mabs’ Atomic Mustard Exploding in Boyne City

Now in its fourth generation of matriarch mustard mavens, this little bottle of gold is packing a serious punch. Mabs’ Atomic Mustard was developed by Andrea Simard, the granddaughter to Mabel "Mabs" behind the vintage blue and red label. So what makes it atomic? The Swedish sauce was a favorite for spicing up meatballs and other holiday fixings, but the 6-ingredient recipe wouldn’t include what you’d expect. Wasabi? Horseradish? Hot sauce? None of the above. The kick comes from the premium mustard flour that’s added by hand in small batches, just the way Mabs did decades before her squeeze bottle. Wondering where to get this stuff and how to use it? All the tasty details are available here and today on Michigan This Morning!

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