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Jack’s Journal: Stopping Traffic

Promo Image: Jack’s Journal: Stopping Traffic

The Easter decorations are getting some finishing touches, the bunnies are ready to go.

Go where, you ask? At the top of the driveway, that’s where!

“They told us that our driveway would go from flat to 35 feet in the air,” says Debbie Kueman.

Construction of a railroad tunnel and new intersection necessitated the taller, longer driveway, complete with guard rails.

With the new intersection, the Kueman’s driveway seemed to blend in and look like it was just an extension of Hammond Road. The problem was, it wasn’t. 

The problem was the 10 to 20 cars per week that were turning into the driveway and driving the dogs’ nuts, who were just protecting the homeland. 

Those turning thought it lead somewhere, others curious, and there was that one guy…

“One guy from a business pulled down here thinking he could beat the rush hour traffic at 5. Put him way behind cause he had a hard time getting back out at the light,” explains Debbie.

They put up a private drive sign, but that didn’t slow things down. That’s when Debbie got an idea.

“It wasn’t so much the sign as the decorations in the driveway. I think people realized it was a private residence,” explains Debbie.

And decorate they do, for the holidays and the seasons, and to be silly. 

Since they started, things have gotten more elaborate and it takes work. 

Lucky the Leprechaun was retrieved from the other side of the road during the recent high winds. 

Things have changed. No longer the "mystery" road, to the house with the fun decorations.

“They say, ‘I love your decorations, keep it up,’ or they honk the horn or give you a thumbs up. It’s neat. I know a lot of people appreciate it,” says Debbie.

So if you find yourself at the corner of Hammond and Keystone, know the Kueman’s are nice people, but they don’t really need any more company.