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Cadillac Restaurant Uses Taco Tuesday To Give Back

Promo Image: Cadillac Restaurant Uses Taco Tuesday To Give Back

Taco Tuesday just got a whole lot more rewarding.

A Cadillac restaurant is supporting the community every Tuesday and it all starts with your taco order.

If you’ve been to Cadillac, you probably know about community favorite, Chico’s Taco House, but what you may not know is where your Taco Tuesday cash is going.

Chico’s Taco House Manager, Mindy Hankins tells us, “We do a give back day any local nonprofit can sign up, and we give 10% of all sales back to them. We’re just a small community and we all have to kind of stick together and help each other out.”

Past profits have gone to programs like Relay For Life, Toys For Tots, and most recently the Adult Literacy Council of Cadillac.

Director of the Adult Literacy Council of Cadillac, Barb Derby says. “We train tutors to be volunteer tutors for adults who need to learn how to read, write, speak English or improve any of those skills.”

Barb says the weekly donations are a game changer for programs that rely entirely on helping hands to make a difference for others, “Some of them are even struggling with being able to pay the gas to get here. If we’re able to say, ‘Oh we can help with that,’ that’s a big thing.”

The community restaurant has been putting on their Giveback Tuesday’s for five years now and they don’t see an end in sight.

Derby says all the community love is, “Just because, is the great part of that, is that for them there’s not, really any you know connection, but it is just because.”

This Tuesday 10% of your Chico’s order is going toward the Lymphoma Research Foundation.