Traverse City Coast Guard Auxiliary Holds Boating Safety Classes this Spring

“We want people to be ready before the season,” said Dianne Walker from the Traverse City Coast Guard Auxiliary.

With boating season on the way, the Traverse City Coast Guard Auxiliary is making sure people are prepared.

On Thursday night, they held their first boating safety class for the spring, just one of the many classes they offer.

A few of the important things covered in this course are emergency procedures, boating regulations and navigation rules and aids.

It is an eight hour class for novice recreational boaters 12 and older.

It’s important to remember that even if you aren’t operating the boat, you should still be prepared in case of an emergency.

“Things can happen where maybe the father or the grandfather something happens to him, the person that’s driving the boat. We try to teach the kids what to do in an emergency; how do you turn off the boat, how do you use the radio, how do you make a call,” said Walker.

The next boating safety class will be held in May. To register or learn about the other classes the Traverse City Coast Guard Auxiliary has, contact Dianne Walker at 231-941-8076 or by email at