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Promo Image: Get Fit, Get Healthy: Pounds For Pantries

Get Fit, Get Healthy: Pounds For Pantries

Age is just a number.

We’ve all heard it, but many of us probably don’t feel it.

In this week’s Get Fit, Get Healthy, Corey Adkins and Michelle Dunaway introduce us to two not-so-young guys not only helping themselves, but helping their community through fitness. They’re showing us all up.

"If they want to sit on the couch and die, that’s their business. I’m not going to tell anybody you should get up and you should do this. All I’m going to say is by getting up and doing this, look how it’s helped me."

As Stan Silverman’s age increases, so does the amount of weight he lifts.

"About 10 years ago, I had major back surgery. My spine shifted and crushed all the nerves going down my right leg, so don’t have a right calf muscle, so I kind of wobble," explains Stan.

His health issues only make him want to work harder.

"About 3-4 years ago I was diagnosed with COPD. COPD is a death sentence," says Stan.

He set out to prove he’s more than his diagnosis, scoffing at death with sheer strength.

"I blew past 71 but as I was doing it, I just destroyed the state powerlifting records, just beat them to death. I’m not the kind of person who would ever compete, so I compete with me. My goal is to do better than I did the day before,” explains Stan.

His gym time is also how he stays social. Pretty much everyone knows his name.

"This is Cheers to me. This is where you come to hang out with buddies. This is where I come to sweat a little bit, get a good smoothie, but I enjoy the experience of the gym itself," says Stan.

It’s how he became friends with Jim Gray.

"He was on the machine I wanted and he just said ‘come on work with me, I don’t have domination of the machines,’ and we just clicked, personality wise. The fact that we’re both older, we just enjoy each other," says Jim.

And how he wants to take the next step in making a difference in his community.

"I was working with three young men who are going to be opening a gym. They’re great young men, they’re all top athletes, so I challenged the three of them to a powerlifting contest. The contest is going to take place on April Fool’s Day, which fits my personality perfectly," says Stan.

Stan and Jim are collecting pledges for the competition, with all the proceeds going to help the hungry.

"I’m going to lift about 900 pound for the three lifts, that’s my goal, about 900 and I’m asking for 2 cents, 18 bucks and we’ve raised about $1,000, all the money going to food pantries," says Stan.

Jim is fired up and he’s making a lot of progress in his workouts.

"I did my personal best on the deadlift today of 380 lbs., which is 200 lbs. better than the first day I did it back on the first day of February,” says Jim. “So I’ve pretty much doubled it in just that short period of time. Prepare yourselves guys, we’re coming to get ya!"

Setting the bar when it comes to deadlifts and do gooding, inspiring us all to just be better and work harder.

"Instead of pontification about what people should do, go out and do them, lead from the front, lead by example," says Stan.

Jim adds, "I’ve never been one with excuses. Just get out and do it."

Pledges are asked to send their donations to the pantry of their choice. Just email Stan at and let him know where you sent your donation and the amount donated. If using a check, please write “Pounds for Pantries” in the memo.