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Clare Veterans Raise Funds To Renovate Home-base

Promo Image: Clare Veterans Raise Funds To Renovate Home-base

U.S service members dedicate their lives to serving our country, many even after they’ve left the military.

Now a group of 250 Clare American Legion veterans are hoping to update their post so they can continue helping their community.

Members of Clare’s American Legion post are veterans that as American Legion Service Officer, Vicky Ellis says, simply never got enough of serving others; “We do Christmas packages at the nursing homes for veterans that are in there, we do parades, the schools are asking us to come in and teach patriotism to the children.”

That’s not all they do, last year alone the post honored military families at 54 funerals.

“We have a 21 gun salute with 3 volleys of 7, we salute the casket when it comes in,” says Ellis.

“We don’t have to do funerals, a lot of posts don’t have it, but we do because we feel it’s the right thing to do.”

Now the patriotic heroes are asking for your help, holding a $5,000 raffle to renovate the post they use to plan these events.

“The building is about 33 years old right now,” shares American Legion Service Officer, Brent Coates.

“The upkeep like I said is quite substantial so we wanna make a lot of changes if we can and that way we can keep other veterans interested in coming and still help the community.”

The update would go towards a new door farther from the road and adding more space so the warriors can keep growing and simply doing what they do best.

“It’s a great honor to have served and to serve still for our local community and our veterans,” shares Coates.

For more information on the work Clare American Legion does and how you can help out, click .