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Victims Of Break-Ins Pick Up Property At Garage In Osceola County

Monday, victims of break-ins throughout three different counties were allowed to come pick up their items.

It all started three weeks ago when the Osceola, Clare, and Missaukee County Sheriff’s Departments searched a building in Marion where they found hundreds of items.

This led them to three locations in Osceola County with more stolen property.

Three people were arrested in Osceola County and are facing charges of breaking and entering and home invasion.

The departments stuffed four trailers full of stolen items into a garage in Osceola County.

9&10’s Taylor Jones has more details from victims coming to pick up their things.

It was bittersweet for victims. They are happy to get some of their things back, but they still feel violated.

“It’s just always nice that they can get their stuff back,” says Sheriff James Crawford, Osceola County Department.

After a breaking and entering investigation began three weeks ago, stolen items were stored in a garage.

Monday the Osceola, Clare and Missaukee Sheriff’s Departments allowed victims to come pick up their things.

“We’re glad that we can get some of it back for them, but like the sheriff said, it’s just not the same after someone else has had it,” says Sheriff Jim Bosscher, Missaukee County.

Taras and Ann, victims from Missaukee County say they picked up more than 700 hundred items Monday, everything from tools to motorcycles. But today, they still feel violated.

“For years we have had a place up at Houghton Lake and never had any problems. I don’t know what’s going on today with people getting on drugs and we have worked our whole lives for everything, its unbelievable they took everything. It’s not in the best condition, my kids, they are handy, they are going to have to spend hours of time trying to make things run again. The four wheeler was in parts and our trailer was totally blown out,” says Ann.

For victim J.R. Smith from Osceola County, he was hoping to find more things close to his heart.

“It’s sad, it’s just sad and unfortunately a problem in our society. I can’t say anything more because I am kind of heartbroken because I was kind of hoping some other things were here but they are not, they are gone,” says Smith.

Still, these victims are thankful for law enforcement.

“The police officers worked so hard and we are so thankful for all that, I just wish people could work for what they want,” says Ann.

If you think you have stolen property in the garage,  contact the Osceola County Sheriff’s Department.

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